The Deus is the name used to signify God in many modern non-theistic spiritual paths. It is used by deists, pandeists, and panendeists, and some pantheists and panentheists. Use of the word Deus, which is Latin for God, in place of the word or name "God," comes from the desire to explain the religious concepts from which these newer faiths grow without piling on all the old baggage of the idea of God -- a name typically associated with the Bible and with the anthropomorphic expositor of anger and vengeance and punishment as found in the religious texts of the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim traditions.

In much of history, the name, Deus, was in fact used by Christian philosophers to relate various Christian concepts. For example, Dei is an inflection of Deus in Latin and used in Roman Catholic organization names, such as Opus Dei and Agnus Dei, meaning, respectively, "work of God" and "lamb of God." The name, Amadeus means "For love of God." However, by and large the meaning of Deus has been forgotten in modern society, clearing the name for use as an uncluttered religious or ultra-religious concept. It has been noted, as a curiousity, that the religious concepts which the Deus is used in relation to -- deism, pandeism, panendeism especially -- are concepts which deny the active involvement of God in the world.