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Pandeism is a theological model which holds that logic, reason, and scientific evidence taken together demonstrate that ours is a created Universe, and that the Creator of our Universe in fact became our Universe in the process of Creation, an action necessitated by the limitations of such
Creator as positively demonstrated by certain characteristics of our Universe. The pandeistic model fully accounts for, and so supersedes, all theistic models, which are based on belief in scriptures revelations, individual and collective visions, miracles, and other such events, but which are universally the product of unknowing human manipulation of the unconscious power of our Creator, underlying all things. Because the pandeistic model accounts for all such things while requiring the assumption of the fewest capcaties as to the Creator, it is mathematically presumptively true until a specific characteristic of our Universe is proved to exist which requires specific capacities beyond those set forth by the pandeistic model.

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    New page: Previously I have proposed that even the most mundane and miracle-free world may yet be a world where Pandeism is the operative theological model....
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    New page: What can the fictional world of Sherlock Holmes possibly have to do with the theological theory of Pandeism? Well, really the question is, is this...

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